Scrapbook #5


Excited to hear the rest of this new Re-composed Bach album from the masterful Peter Greson.


Backstage interviewed the Sound team for SpongeBob SquarePants the Musical here. Sound Designer Walter Trarbach and Foley artist Mike Dobson. Inspriing to see the the integration of Foley and such early involvment of the Sound team on such a large scale show.


Waves do a bunch of masterclasses the Alan Meyerson, I stumbled on one where Meyerson gives tips on how he mixed Rupert Gregson-Williams' beautiful score for Wonder Women. In fact he focuses on the track 'Amazons of Themyscira', which happens to be one of my favourite tracks on the OST. He looks in to the details of the main theme, playing through the stems and  talks about his approach to his setup and working with each section of the orchestra. Super interesting even if it is a little 'Waves' centered.