Venue: Unicorn Theatre, Tricycle Theatre, U.K. Tour, Hong Kong, Seoul, South Africa.

Directed by: James Yaetman and Clive Mendus

Associate Sound Design


Lionboy is a stage adaptation of a trilogy of children's books by Zizou Corder called Lionboy. Set in the not too distant future where cars are banned and phones are powered by the sun, it's a dog eat dog world. The Corporacy, a huge pharmaceutical company, reigns supreme across the planet. Lionboy tells the story of a young London boy (Charlie Ashanti) who happens to be able to speak to cats due to an incident involving a lion cub as a baby. Charlie comes home one day to find his scientist parents have disappeared, captured in fact by the Corporacy because of their pioneering research into the cure for asthma. Charlie journeys across Europe and Africa to find his parents and on the way joins a circus, rides on the orient express with the King of Bulgaria who sends him on his way via a hot air balloon and becomes friends with a tribe of lions who he freed into the wild.

Directors: James Yeatman and Clive Mendus (originally Annabel Arden)

Sound Design: Tom Gibbons

Associate Sound: Pete Malkin

Set Design: Jon Bauser

Lighting Design: Christopher Nairne

Lionboy,  Photo by Sarah Ainslie

Lionboy, Photo by Sarah Ainslie

Sun,  National Art Service

Sun, National Art Service


National Art Service

Director: Alan Fielden

Venue: St Leonards Church, Shoreditch

Sound Design


SUN is an experiential performance made specially for St Leonard's Church, the piece explores the way we engage with each other and how that may or may not change in the face of human extinction. SUN asks questions about what we would keep at the end of the world and how we might be remembered by future generations. 

Here is a piece of music that I wrote in response to the script initially, it became part of the show in another form, slowed down and with layers taken away which helped us get out of one story and into the next.


Creative Team

Director: Alan Fielden

Sound Design: Pete Malkin

Assistant Sound: Joshua Trepte

Lighting Design: Ziggy Jacobs

Costume Design: Rachel Good


The Commision

Royal Opera House/Aldeburgh/Opera North

Director: Annabel Arden

Venue: Britten studio/ Linbury Studio/ Howard Assembly rooms

Sound Design

The Commission is a dark tale of murder and brutal revenge, written by Elspeth Brooks, a new short Opera which contained the use of Foley Sound across the score. We used recorded sound effects mixed with the chamber orchestra and live foley sound to tell the story of the main character's wish for revenge in a fairly film noir style.

Creative Team

Director: Annabel Arden

Conductor: Richard Baker

Sound Design: Pete Malkin

Set Design: Joanna Parker

Lighting Design: Matt Haskins

Video Design: Dick Straker

War Correspondents.  Photo by Simon Richardson

War Correspondents. Photo by Simon Richardson

War Correspondents

Directors: Helen Chadwick & Steven Hoggett

Venue: UK tour, Stratford Circus

Sound Design


War Correspondant is a Song Theatre piece where 5 actor/singers take the stage and sing unacompanied. In this case the project was based around interviews with War Correspondants that had been in some incredible situations as journalists on the front line. The pieces of music were then written by taking the text from these interviews verbatim and structuring it around the 5 voices. Acommpanied by movement these pieces told of many angles of emotions and situations of these correspondants. From a sound perspective we created Soundscapes out of the original interview recordings, showing the differences and similarities between them, it was also a way of bridgeing these                                                                                                                                                              stories together was pieces of fluid music.

VIVID Lighting the Sails Sydeny Opera House

59 Productions

Sydney Opera House

Sound Design with Gareth Fry


59 productons created took on a commision for the opening of the VIVID Festival in Sydney. The projected artwork whisks the audience on a whirlwind journey that explores the conception and design of the Opera House, through a recreation of the spectacular construction process to completion. Gareth and myself created the sound designs for each of the the sections of coneption of the opera house.


Fevered Sleep

Venue: Young Vic

Directed by: David Harradine & Samantha Butler

Sound Design by Gareth Fry

Sound Editor (Film)


Dusk was a theatre piece which played at the young vic, which included a set of short films, my work involved creating and editing sounds for these film sections of the piece. Taking location recordings, additional dialogue and foley recordings eidintg them together to form mix of sound effects for each film.

The Magic Flute

Director: Simon McBurney

Venue: Amsterdam Muziktheater, Aix en Provence Festival, London ENO

Associate Sound Design


The Magic Flute opened at the Amsterdam Muziktheater and since then has been taken to the Aix en Provence festival and London ENO. We introduced Live sound, Sound effects and orchestral effects into the piece. Our Foley Artists (Originally Tom Espinar, now Ruth Sullivan) have a sound booth downstage left and react live to the actors on stage.


The Forbidden Zone

Salzburg Festival

Directors: Katie Mitchell & Leo Warner

Sound Engineer


Writer: Duncan Macmillan

Director: Katie Mitchell

Video Director: Leo Warner

Sound Designers: Gareth Fry, Melanie Wilson

Set Designer: Lizzie Clachan

Costume Designer: Sussie Juhlin-Wallen

Video Designer: Finn Ross

Lighting Designer: Jack Knowles

Ten Years From Now, Fuel

Ten Years From Now, Fuel

Ten Years From Now


Created by Gareth Fry

Associate Sound Design

Sound installation set in an Ice Cream Van in Corby.