Am I Dead Yet     Photo by   Richard Davenport

Am I Dead Yet

Photo by Richard Davenport

Am I Dead Yet

Unlimited Theatre

Dir: Amy Hodge

Venue: The Bush Theatre, Traverse Edinburgh

Sound Design


Am I Dead Yet First opened in 2015 at The Bush Theatre. The piece is primarily based around 2 men (Chris Thorpe and Jon Spooner) telling 3 stories about death and ressusitation, set in the past, present and future. The storytelling is in a simple format and so Sound is relied on the help guide the audience through each world as we jump from one story back to another.


Creative Team

Director: Amy Hodge

Sound Design: Pete Malkin

Stage Designer: Takis

Lighting Designer: Katharine Williams





UN Global Goals Launch: New York

59 Productions

Directors: Leo Warner and Mark Grimmer

UN Building: New York

Sound Design with Gareth Fry


This is the fourth projection mapping Sound Design I've work on with Gareth and 59 productions. This piece of work was perhaps a little less about the building itself and more about the content.

Treasure.  Photo by Richard Lakos

Treasure. Photo by Richard Lakos


Ashleigh Wheeler

Dir: Alice Malin

Venue: Finborough Theatre

Sound Design


My first time working with Alice Malin. The story is a classic Yiddish piece which tells of a gravedigger's daughter, the brother of whom finds an unknown amount of gold soverigns, Tille (The daughter) then buys whatever her heart desires with this newly found small fortune. The town soon catch wind of this and want their share of the treasure!


Creative Team

Director: Alice Malin

Sound Design: Pete Malkin

Stage Designer: Rebecca Brower

Lighting Designer: Isobel Howe

Costume Designer: Libby Todd

Movement Director: John Ross


Folio Theatre

Dir: Kim Pearce

Venue: New Wimbolden Studio and UK Tour

Sound Design and Composition


For Unearthed, as well as Sound Designing the small scale touring show, I composed some short sections of underscore and transitions. The piece is about a set of siblings, whose Father recently passed away years after a severe stroke. We eventually find out that one of the siblings had been worrying about the reasons behind the stroke and blaming themselves. The piano underscore to the right was originally produced to underscore the moment that this is all revealed.


Creative Team

Director: Kim Pearce

Sound Design by: Pete Malkin

Stage Designer: Amelia Jane Hankin

Lighting Designer: Miguel Figueiredo


Oresteia.  Photo by Manuel Harlan

Oresteia. Photo by Manuel Harlan



Dir: Robert Icke

Venue: Trafalgar Studios

Associate Sound Design

I came in on Oresteia as part of the West End team with Tom Gibbons and helped move the show from the small staged Almeida Theatre to the Trafalgar Studios.

1984.  Photo by Manuel Harlan

1984. Photo by Manuel Harlan


Sonia Freidman Productions

Dir: Robert Icke

Venue: Playhouse Theatre and International Tour

Associate Sound Design

I've worked with 1984 for a few years now from it's Almeida performances through it's West End transfer at The Playhouse,

See the Association of Sound Designers showcase on 1984 with Sound Designer Tom Gibbons and myself talking about the process and touring the show here.



Delloitte Ignite 15

59 productions

Venue: Royal Opera House

Sound Editor

59 Productions were invited to transform the Royal Opera House into a spectacular piece of visual art to mark the opening of the annual Deloitte Ignite Festival.

4, 5 and 6 September, every half an hour from 8.30pm to 10.45pm each evening, the full facade of the Royal Opera House visible from Covent Garden Piazza became a vast canvas celebrating the building’s history from the 18th century to the present day, shining a spotlight on the rich world of creativity that flourishes here both on and off the stage.

7-75.  Photo: Zoe Manders    

7-75. Photo: Zoe Manders



Dir: Amy Hodge

Venue: The Place Theatre

Sound Design


7-75 is a dance/spoken word piece with 5 women at different ages between 7 and 75 telling stories from their own experiences in life as women of different age ranges.

Creative Team

Director: Amy Hodge

Sound Design: Pete Malkin

Set Design: Takis

Lighting Design: Mark Howland

Hampton Court Palace 500th year anniversary

59 Productions

Venue: Hampton Court Palance

Sound Design by Gareth Fry

Sound Editor