Orchestral composition | Side project | Fate Approaching

A couple of years ago I decided to teach myself as much as I could about MIDI orchestration and dive into Composition a little more. After years of trying to understand more about it I went through the Evenant trailer music course which actually simplified a lot of things for me and mostly taught me to concentrate on specific elements at different moments in the Compositional process. Eventually I had a few tracks published through Chroma Music specifically tailored towards Trailer Music, namley the track ‘Wonder’:

Since then I started writing some tracks for EOS, some of which ended up moving away from the very Trailer heavy style and into a more melodic, listenable set of tracks which we decided would be better out of the trailer world and so I’m slowly releasing them into the wild over the next 6 months as a challege in mixing for myself and producing my own work. The first of which is this track, Fate Approaching, available on Itunes, Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp.